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Audit and related services

The auditor’s possibilities to help his or her client depends heavily on the personal capabilities of the auditor: trustworthiness, expertise, experience and network. Personal network is important to be able to meet all promises made to the client, assure correct and timely advice in all situations.

A statutory audit has to be conducted according to the Finnish Auditing legislation. But there is always room for suggestions to improve the client’s internal controls and procedures, Corporate Governance, financial reporting and tax position. Personal and privileged service is a must.

  • Statutory audit of different sizes of Companies in various industries and businesses acting in Finland and globally, consolidated and standalone financial accounts according to the Finnish Accounting Standards and IFRS.
  • Companies, Co-operatives, Joint Ventures, Foundations, Associations and General, Limited and other partnerships
  • Group reporting requirements
  • Tax advice
  • Internal Audit
  • Independent Auditors’ Statements for various purposes:
    • EU- and local aids, grants and loans under EU-, state or municipal supervision
    • Local statutory fundraising
    • M&A and other disputes
    • Business valuations
    • Business establishment and liquidation
  • Vendor Due Diligence and Due Diligence studies
  • Special investigations (Finnish Company Act, Bankruptcy, Fraud and other Misconduct)
  • Profitability and Feasibility studies

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