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Investigations and projects

Sometimes and in some cases it is useful to utilise the expertise of an independent, outside professional. During the decades we have executed and accomplished various projects and assignments covering the following areas:

  • Company and group reorganizing and restructuring
  • Business and company valuations
  • M&A feasibility and other studies
  • M&A support and assistance
  • Company and business liquidations, incorporations, mergers (incl. associations and foundations)
  • Company form changes
  • Business agreement and M&A dispute resolutions
  • Studies on the sufficiency of finance, profitability and equity
  • Studies on the liability issues relating the Board of Directors and Managing Director in connection to the Companies’ Act and the Articles of Association (incl. associations and foundations)
  • Improving and assessing Corporate Governance
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Best practise in financial reporting (incl. associations and foundations)
  • Assisting in requesting and assessing audit proposals
  • Acting as the trustee
  • Board membership (incl. memberships in Audit, Nomination and Owner Committees)

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Kari Lydman

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